CDKN Invitation to Tender: Developing a Risk Insurance Framework for Disaster-Prone Communities in Pakistan


08 August 2012

CDKN is working with the National Disaster Management Authority of Pakistan to identify a supplier to support them in developing a viable and sustainable insurance solution for vulnerable and low income communities. The National Disaster Risk Management Framework (NDRMF) provides for the development of insurance schemes for disaster risk reduction as a priority, and recognizes the insurance sector as a key stakeholder. The NDRMF is an overarching framework for disaster risk reduction approved by the National Disaster Management Council. A viable insurance solution to fund disaster response would not only relieve the national exchequer of unforeseen financial expenditure, but would also better support vulnerable communities to recover from natural disasters. In order to receive the tender documentation, including detailed terms of reference and instructions for how to submit a proposal, please send an email to Completed proposals will be due at 17.00 UK time on Wednesday 29 August 2012.