Survey: Climate and Fragility Risks in Asia and Pacific Region: Assessing Gaps in Awareness, Science and Policy Actions


25 May 2016

Recognizing the importance of growing climate-fragility risks globally, IGES, Japan and adelhi, Germany are conducting a survey to understand the current level of awareness on this subject, extent of solutions available and gaps in our knowledge and actions and your inputs would be much appreciated. The survey results will provide inputs to a series of capacity building activities planned as a part of this partnership including drafting of specific issue briefs targeting relevant stakeholders.

This survey can be participated by all stakeholders engaged with development. While this survey is designed to understand the situation in the Asia-Pacific region, anyone with relevant expertise and some kind of working presence in the region can also participate in the survey by selecting appropriate country upon which the survey response is based.

Please note that this is a simple survey, has three sections and may take approximately 10min to complete. The survey do not collect any sensitive personal information that can identify individual respondent, this information will not be shared with third party and will not be used for purposes other than the current research.

The surveys are designed both in English to facilitate international participants and in Japanese to facilitate participation of Japanese respondents.

Please click on these links to start the survey:

Survey form aimed at Asia-Pacific region other than Japan:

Survey form in Japanese: