USD 200 million pilot of additional modalities to enhance direct access under GCF


28 June 2016
The Green Climate Fund has announced a pilot to strengthen countries’ decision-making authority over resources dedicated to supporting their climate change projects and programmes.

The pilot phase for additional modalities to Enhance Direct Access will provide an initial allocation of USD 200 million for around 10 pilots, including at least four to be implemented in small island developing States, least-developed countries and African States.

The pilot could enable screening, assessment and selection of specific pilot activities to be made by accredited entities, with mechanisms set up to increase national oversight and multi-stakeholder engagement.

Resources available through the pilot can be used to finance both adaptation and mitigation activities. It is expected that a significant share of small-scale activities will directly support communities or small- and medium-sized enterprises.

A crucial aspect of the initiative is country ownership and the promotion of transparency. As part of the process to access the pilot, countries, through their National Designated Authorities (NDA) or focal points and accredited entities, will be required to initiate consultations to bring together key stakeholders, including government, civil society, women’s organizations, the private sector and academia.

Countries eligible to access funds through the pilot will be able to request readiness resources in their pilot proposals for a range of activities, such as initiating a consultation process or strengthening oversight mechanisms to enhance accountability and transparency.

For more information and background, consult the Request for Proposals and Frequently Asked Questions.