Proceedings Report: 2nd Training Needs Assessment Meeting

Event Proceedings

Proceedings Report: 2nd Training Needs Assessment Meeting

AUTHORS: Asia-Pacific Adaptation Network (APAN)


January 2013


The meeting consisted of presentations by project partners on the status of the TNA project covering aspects related to the process followed, the establishment of TNA team, recruitment of research assistant, desk review of existing training programs, questionnaire survey process, etc. and certain results. The practical survey of questionnaire brought certain concerns to the country TNA teams as well as the project team such as how to identify who is trainer and who is trainee (since there is an overlap of responsibilities (or without a clear distinction) between these two in some cases); how to determine the sample size while there is an absence of information on prevalence rate of staff which are trained in climate change adaptation in comparison with total population (total number of staff); what should be the sectoral focus since ‘agriculture and water related sectors’ cover different fields such as animal husbandry, crops, horticulture, etc.; how to apply the questionnaire forms appropriately/effectively to the right persons; how to keep a balance of content between adaptation and mitigation since these two are interrelated and sometimes overlapped in climate change issue, and so on.