Successful Community-Based Adaption in India

Journal / Periodical

Successful Community-Based Adaption in India

ORGANISER: All India Disaster Mitigation Institute
AUTHORS: Mihir R. Bhatt with AIDMI Team; Neha Gupta, Watershed Organisation Trust (WOTR), Pune; Anju Sharma, Oxford Climate Policy; Somya Bhatt, GIZ; and Anna Kalisch, GIZ; Dr. M.Rajamanickam and Dr. G.Victor Rajamanickam Center for Disaster Management, PRIST University, Tamil Nadu; Biswanath Dash, Jamsetji Tata Centre for Disaster Management, Mumbai; Dipankar Datta and Mark Furlong, Trocaire India; and Avani Dixit, Programme Analyst, UNDP Nepal.


February 2015

RESOURCE issue no. 124 – January 2015

This issue of focuses on the theme of Successful Community Based Adaptation in India. It tries to highlight how low-cost, democratic and need based adaptation strategies have been successful in India. The primacy of local level adaptation strategies are stressed as the basis of effective community based adaptation.

This issue depicts the best practices in community based adaptation that range from WOTR's efforts to upscale adaptation in India to GIZ's experience in integrating climate change adaptation in sectoral policy formulation and from the instances of successful community based adaptations in Odisha to the role of GIS in facilitating effective community based adaptation. 

This  issue of is titled ' Successful Community-Based Adaption in India’ for All' contents includes: (i) Up Scaling Local Adaptations in India: What Works!; (ii) From Pebbles in a Small Pond, to Ripples of Change: Scaling up Adaptation in Rural India; (iii) Use of GIS in Community Based Adaptation; (iv) Community Adaptation to Flood: Kalana, Odisha; (v) Community Mobilisation and Disaster Recovery: A Case Study from South Odisha; and (vi) Community-based Adaptation in a Changing Climate.

Themes: Community Based Adaptation, Disaster Recovery, Disaster Risk Reduction, Climate Change