Disaster Risk Reduction

Disaster Risk Reduction(199)
Disaster Risk Reduction is a systematic approach to identifying, assessing, developing and applying of policies, strategies and practices to minimise vulnerabilities and disaster risks throughout society.
10 July 2012

CARE International will be organizing a regional learning seminar on integrating Climate Change into DRR in Bangkok, on July 26. This will be an open event with details to be announced soon. For more information please contact Bruce Ravesloot: ravesloot@careclimatechange.org   Website: http://www.careclimatechange.org/tools

08 July 2011

This national symposium is being organized byDisaster Management Centre (DMC), Ministryof Disaster Management, in collaboration withEnvironment Committee of Sri Lanka Associationfor the Advancement of Science (SLAAS) and is beingsupported by UNDP Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Foundation Institute (SLFI)
16 June 2011

The Forum of Young Global Leaders (YGL) of the World Economic Forum (Davos) has initiated a new effort to build cooperation between India and Pakistan on climate change, natural resource management and disaster risk reduction. The YGL Initiative on Indo-Pak Cooperation will focus on 'Climate Change & Disaster Risk Reduction: Managing Risks, Sharing Benefits’. This is a multi-year effort emphasising practical initiatives that will be launched in Lahore from July 8 to 9, 2011, at the Lahore University for Management Sciences (LUMS). A follow-up to this will take place at the World Economic Forum’s regional summit in India in November 2011.

Lahore, Pakistan


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